As our country decides on the best way to keep businesses open and communities safe, you may have questions about the major purchases that you need to make. Your current vehicle may be on its last leg, or you could have a new driver in the family that must have a way to get around in Olathe. Or, you could be fine with your present situation but want to take advantage of the excellent incentives that car dealerships are now offering. Here are a few points that will help you decide if now is the best time to purchase a vehicle in the Kansas City area.


Car dealerships are doing everything they can to make customers feel safe with the car buying process. They have sanitized every inch of the showrooms and retrained employees, but they have also made it where customers can buy a car without ever leaving their home in Overland Park. For those that felt anxiety about the car shopping process before, now is a great time to take advantage of the convenience it now offers near Lenexa. The chance for virtual inspections, online paperwork, and front door deliveries is now easier than ever before.


With interest rates being cut and government programs are used to support the economy, financing options are more favorable than what they have been before. Along with this, automakers are presenting incentives that tremendously sweeten the car buying deal. With the competitive finance or lease options as well as the flexible payment options, you may see offers that include:

  • Two to five years of 0% interest and 90-day deferred payments
  • No down payment leasing
  • New graduate programs
  • Lowered prices on used vehicles

These options make it a terrific time to purchase a vehicle.

As our society works to establish a new normal, there is no way to know how long these deals will last. To see if this is the best time for your purchase or to honestly know how you can benefit from the current offers, contact our Subaru dealership to discuss your situation. You can reach us in person or online with any questions or concerns you may have.

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